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Nitrile Long Cuff Gloves – Pack of 100

Nitrile long cuff Disposable glove is 12 ” Long nitrile glove. It is a fully textured 100% soft nitrile glove. They provide superb grip under wet or slippery conditions, outperforms standard latex gloves by far.They are strong so cannot be torn apart easily, they also provide sensitivity and comfort.

They also stand up to solvents up to ten times as long as natural latex rubber .
These gloves feature a rolled cuff for easy donning and added durability. And  Their 12″ length exceeds  FDA requirements for exam gloves. They are food approved and manufactured in an ISO 9002 registered facility.

Nitrile Long Cuff Blue Gloves – Powder-free, Micro Textured.

Colour: Blue

This product is ambidextrous, powder free five-finger nitrile glove, with a completely textured surface, and a beaded / rolled edge cuff.  Nitrile Gloves are a unique alternative to latex gloves. Formulated from 100 % nitrile (a synthetic co-polymer, also known under the name of Carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene or NBR), This glove contains no natural rubber latex proteins, this version is powder free, hypoallergenic and manufactured with reduced chemical content. Nitrile Gloves are easy to don and remarkably comfortable to wear for extended periods and meticulously designed to be soft. They have the ability to resist minor punctures and abrasion, and Protect against chemical splashes.

The glove is available in five sizes: – Small – Medium – Large – Extra Large – Extra Extra Large

Min thickness: 0.12 mm +/- 0.02 mm ( at the centre of the palm )

Min Length: 305 mm +/- 5.00 mm

Tensile strength : 14 MPa minimum

Ultimate elongation : 500% minimum Recommended areas of usage:


Food, Medical examination, Pharmaceuticals ( for prevention of cross infection or contamination), Medical laboratories, light assembly and parts handling. The gloves can be used for fine and delicate manipulations, without leaving fingerprints on the product.

Storage Instructions:

The glove should be stored on cool and dry place and can be stored for more than three years without suffering any deterioration, It is also recommended to avoid a long time exposure to ultraviolet rays.


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