SupremeTTF, represents a two phrases on a short form  “Supremely Tough”

We are manufacturers, importers and distributors of high performance safety gloves & PPE Products. While our main focus for market is UK and Europe, we are also represented by our distributors at Middle East, Canada, Australia and USA.

As wholesalers, we supply our products through our distributors only. If you are looking for safety gloves for your customers, you have came to a right place, we have products that ranges from basic multi-purpose gloves to a high index cut 5, gloves.

Some other varieties include glove with puncture resistant 4 that can be used to handle barbed wires to a glove that can resist up to 800 degree Celsius together with glove that can be used for handling splashes of liquid nitrogen temperature measuring up to -350 degree Celsius.

Our aim is to work with our distributors to understand the need of safety glove market and constantly develop products that are suitable at most competitive rate possible.

Subject to availability for our representation at business region you operate, we will do all we can to help you and your customer with their hand safety requirements.

If you are interested on representing us and our brand, please send us email at