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Nitrile Vinyl Blended Gloves

Vitrile Gloves : Vinyl Nitrile Blended Hybrid Gloves

Material:  Vinyl +nitrile Combination


– Vitrile Gloves is compounded with PVC paste and Nitrile latex,
– Vitrile Gloves has the advantage of both PVC and Nitrile glove.
– Ambidextrous/Powder free/Unsterile
– Textured finger tips / Smooth surface on fingers, palm & back
– Donning feeling better than vinyl gloves.
– Softer than vinyl gloves
– Easy donning with wet hands and easier donning than nitrile &vinyl gloves.
– The shelf life is longer than nitrile gloves.
– Doesn’t contain protein with effectively reduced allergy risk.
– For hospital, medical, dental, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetic industry



Sizes Available

Small/7, Medium/8, Large/9, XL/10

Note: The actual colour of the item may be different from the pictures shown.